• Halkidiki is the mother of beekeeping. Over 6,500 beekeepers (32% of the country’s total) and 1.910 tons of honey production of best quality annual is sufficient to characterize Halkidiki as the center of beekeeping in Greece. Aristotle 2.300 years ago praised the honey and its benefits to man by saying that honey prolongs life. Today the beekeepers of Halkidiki keep to the tradition and exploit the rich fauna of Kassandra, Sithonia and North Halkidiki, in the most pure way by producing great quantities of honey. The great quantities of trace elements found in the honey, make it of a high nutritional value.



Toroni (GR)

27 °C
Humidity: 51 %
Wind Speed: 4.48 mps
24° / 28°
24° / 29°
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